New Entrepreneurs / Women Entrepreneurs as an Individual or in partnership capacity with passion for education, strong financial back up, a good network of people and zeal high in life and wanting to stand out in life may tie-up with us as one of our Unit Franchisee of “KID’Z GURUKUL


We are looking for Unit Franchise partners who are ready and willing to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship to take the ownership of a franchise and grow with us. Existing Training centers/ Coaching Institutes/ Educational Institutions may collaborate with us to become a part of Kid’z Gurukul Family.

Today’s business requires one to grow many Fold and that’s where the concept of “FRANCHISE “ Comes in. A lot of young aspiring entrepreneur’s Of Pre Schools have plans to expand their school Network beyond a single standalone unit by Opening additional units in other locations within The city or even other cities via the franchise Business models. Kidz Gurukul is looking for Channel Partner to expand Our Preschool Services in their respective area. We Cater to all the services required, starting from Setup Of Playschool/ Preschool Handwriting improvement Centre, Abacus centre Supply of Furniture & Material, Curriculum Support, Resources, Teaching aids, Recruitment & Training, Administrative Systems, Marketing Planning, Student Kit Supply, etc.

We strive to run our franchise based on mutual respect and working closely together with our franchisees. If you have always dreamed of running your own play school but lack funding and not willing to pay royalty fee, franchise could be the perfect route for you. We offer a comprehensive preschool package for you looking to set up your own preschool, that includes all aspects of setting up and running a preschool solution including a integrated curriculum, marketing help, Material, training, Tools & Toys, Teacher Training and a child assessment and evaluation and more to ensure they can run a good preschool under Kidz gurukul brand name. When everything is available through our solution where you can run a successful preschool / play school of your own, there is no need to pay substantial amounts as royalties in the future. With the Kidzgurukul package, you will be completely empowered to run a premium state of the art preschool of your own which will save you substantially in terms of Return on Investment due to no royalty  & franchise fees payments.