Q1. “I want to start a Play School franchise”, What’s your company’s requirements?

  • You will have to provide a building and We will provide complete centre setup in your own budget.

Q2. How much Investment is needed to start a Kid’z Gurukul Pre-School/Play School?

  • The Investment would range between INR 2 Lacs to 10 Lacs as per your budget.

Q3. What’s the terms and conditions?

  • As we are not charging any License Fee or Royalty Fee, We will make an agreement which will be valid for lifetime.

Q4. Do I need to own the property or can even start on leased/ rented property?

  • You can start with any type of property either its Residential or Commercial ! but we prefer Residential Properties.

Q5. Is there any royalty to be charged by your Company?

  • No ! It’s absolutely free from the License Fee and Royalty Fee.

Q6. How much area is needed to start a Kid’z Gurukul Pre-School/Play School?

  • A minimum of 1200 sqft to 2500 sqft covered with some open area is required to start a Kid’z Gurukul Play School.

Q7. What’s the fee structure?

  • The fee structure is decided by the Head Office after conducting a survey in that region. It depends upon the localities, living standard and fees charged by the other Pre-Schools.

Q8. Do I need a certain qualification to become your Franchisee?

  • The basic qualification to be a Kid’z Gurukul franchisee is that you should love Kids & be passionate to run this business with a long term vision. Any specific educational qualification is not concerned to start a preschool.

Q9. Who will recruit the teachers and staff?

  • The teachers and other staff will be recruited with the effort of both franchisee and company.They are paid as per the city standards and it also depends on their qualification and experience. Teachers should have basic qualification in Early Child Care Education and experience.

Q10. Who will provide training to the staff?

  • Complete training will be given by the company.

Q11. Is it necessary to form a trust or society for running Kid’z Gurukul Pre-School?

  • For a play school it is not mandatory that you should form a trust or society you can run a preschool under proprietorship, partnership firm or can form a company as well.

Q12. I already own a preschool can I convert it to Kid’z Gurukul?

  • Yes, it is absolutely possible to get a running play school converted to Kid’z Gurukul. For that you need to meet our certain requirements.

Q13. Where is the training held?

Training is held at Franchise Outlet Centre as well as Head Office on regular basis.

Q14. What is the payback period?

  • It depends upon the admission ! but we can expect Break Even Point in 2nd Year.

Q15. What about the Study Materials/ Student Kit?

  • All materials and kits will be provided by the head office only and that would be on cost.

Q16. After signing the agreement how long will it take to start actual operations?

  • You can start any time after signing of agreement within 30 days.

Q17. Do you help in marketing?

  • Kid’z Gurukul is constantly engaged in brand building activities. We would be doing national level marketing activities but the local activities need to be undertaken by the concern franchisee. Yes at times we would be guiding you what activities you should do in your area.

Q18. How many centres you have?

  • We have 22 Centre PAN India.

Q19. What is your expansion Plan?

  • We are expanding our barnches on PAN India basis.

Q20. What’s Your Syllabus/Curriculum Pattern?

  • Our Curriculum is based on the CBSE Pattern & NCERT Syllabus.