5.9x.11 3pc hand writing

Our handwriting improvements programmed are developed especially for the student to help them write legibly effectively and with speed.

We teach student how to form and join alphabet with a good quality flow.

We provide form of instruction with specific learning requirement of the student

Spotlight is given on the sitting posture, note book position, pen/pencil grip control and the joining of the letter.

During the course special attention is given on each letter formation as this will result in positive impact on word and sentence formation.

We stress on the individuals issue of the student because every student has different problem and they are given specific remedial instruction according to the need.

Our handwriting speed course is designed specifically for the student to increase their flow of writing in today’s hard-line Scenario.

Handwriting speed is a great aspect in every success story because of examination time is limited and student with slow handwriting will be unable to finish the question paper if they prepare well for the exams.

Student lacking handwriting speed and style can result in loss of motivation and escaping school work. Moreover it is a factor in achievement of the students regardless of their knowledge and ability.