Kidz Gurukul is a company which has been into Preschool Industry for the past many years and having many units across the country. Seeing the potential in the education sector and especially into the Preschool Industry, with the Brand “KIDZ GURUKUL”.

At Kidz Gurukul, we give you one stop Preschool Solution starting from Preschool Setup, Material, Curriculum, Teacher training, Marketing Support, Designing Support, All kind of Manual to operate the Preschool. Kidz Gurukul also gives support to their customers with the following activities which ensure that the preschool runs with proper setup which are as follow:-

  1. “Kidz Gurukul” will provide training to counselor’s on counseling which will help in admissions in the preschool.
  2. Kidz Gurukul” will provide you month on month marketing strategy to help you market your product in local market and get students. In case if you want our team to visit your Centre weekly / fortnightly/ monthly then it will be at a cost which is not included in the package.
  3. Also helps you to do a Market Survey (At Cost) of the location and helps to set the right pricing for the product which will help you to get the initial edge over the others.
  4. We will help you with material (Teaching adds, Furniture’s, toys, Montessori material, etc) .
  5. We will also design the layout of the school. We will also give you the design for all Marketing Collaterals (Pamphlet, Signage, Poster, Banners, enquiry form, receipt books, admissions forms, etc).
  6. Location Identification is a very crucial aspect of this business. “Kidz Gurukul” helps you to find the location and select the best location for the business. This activity if required, it will be at cost which is not included in the package
  7. We would help you in doing Recruitment and Training of your staff. Once you have given the recruitment advertisement in local newspaper, we will help you to shortlist the candidate. Only after the recruitment we,will conduct the training for the staff. All the training material of the staff will be handed over to you on completion of the training. We would also handover the guidelines on how to conduct an interview to you.
  8. “Kidz Gurukul” will provide Integrated Curriculum for all the sections ensuring the curriculum quality so that you can check at every stage with time wise guidelines.

“Kidz Gurukul” will supply you with all study material which will be in accordance with the curriculum. The kidz Gurukul study Material kit will have Handbooks, Work Books, Diary, Bags, Uniform, ID Cards, etc.