KID’Z GURUKUL Pre-school & Centre follows the popular concept of’learning by doing’. KID’Z GURUKUL Curriculum is an integrated curriculum which is a blend of Montessori techniques and play way methods which gives children an opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding with positive attitudes and values. Its structured in such a way that it encourages kids to foster social, emotional, physical & intellectual growth.

The curriculum has a lot of activities to guide the Children’s education and development including music, art, dramatic play and more. The emphasis of the curriculum is on developing skills related to eight areas of development: Physical-Sensory & Motor, Emotional, Social, Cognitive, Language and development of creative expression. Our curriculum is the outcome of the best of all the approaches, methods and philosophies and yet we continue to be receptive to anything new that fosters the integrated growth of the child. We encourage children to understand different cultures and learn the highest virtue of tolerance.

The atmosphere in KID’Z GURUKUL is very conducive of love. We do not have overcrowded class room and the student –teacher ratio is in such a way that every kid will have personalized attention and the parents can expect frequent communication about their kidz progress.The natural outcome of our curriculum is School-preparedness with necessary skill development appropriate to the age. Children will grow up to be Loving, Caring, Sharing, Accommodative and Bright individuals They will be emotionally balanced, confident and strong.Fulfilling the present needs of growing child the child would develop varied interests and hobbies and have a streak of creativity. We have also introduced the Talking Book technology which makes the children used to communicate in English in a proper manner by listening and reading the correct word and pronunciation.

Our Facilitators

We have a group of committed teachers/facilitators who understand that each child is different and give personalised attention and ensure the overall development of the child. At kidz gurukul, we maintain an appropriate teacher-student ratio so that the personal requirements of every individual child are met.